Stop the GKND: Hello? (Released video from Numbuh Vine)

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globalofficer: I do not. I am in one with friends but not apart of any others. Aug 18, 2020 22:06:42 GMT
Numbuh 777: I am, but I've been inactive lately. Aug 22, 2020 22:51:44 GMT
snakemactavish: There's a KND discord? Aug 23, 2020 14:39:13 GMT
globalofficer: Theres a few around. Aug 24, 2020 0:27:42 GMT
Argentine Swordman's Mate: Did you guys hear about Chadwick Boseman? 2020 is a monumentally bad year. Aug 29, 2020 3:49:32 GMT
numbuh113: Thats really sad. He seemed like a wonderful person, he will be missed. Sept 2, 2020 14:48:47 GMT
Argentine Swordman's Mate: Now, the guys at Disney have to figure out how they are going to make Black Panther 2. Sept 4, 2020 20:34:37 GMT
globalofficer: I feel that may be insensitive to what happened. Sept 5, 2020 1:51:55 GMT
numbuh113: When do y’all think they’ll add KND to HBO max? Sept 10, 2020 19:44:31 GMT
Argentine Swordman's Mate: I seriously doubt that they’ll add it. Sept 10, 2020 20:44:25 GMT
globalofficer: They did have it I think? Maybe its locked to certain countries(like Itunes locking seasons 5 and 6 from Canada.) Sept 10, 2020 21:33:15 GMT
globalofficer: I definitely recall someone mentioning it on there. Sept 10, 2020 21:34:21 GMT
numbuh113: Thanks. I guess all we can do is hope. Sept 11, 2020 1:28:15 GMT
Argentine Swordman's Mate: Fellow Americans, today is the anniversary and never forget the events of exactly nineteen years ago. Sept 11, 2020 18:51:49 GMT
numbuh113: Anyone here watch Infinity Train? Sept 16, 2020 13:53:32 GMT
Argentine Swordman's Mate: What’s that? Sept 16, 2020 14:09:01 GMT
numbuh113: It’s a sci fi show on cartoon network. It’s really well done Sept 16, 2020 17:41:40 GMT
globalofficer: Ive only watched season 1 Sept 17, 2020 21:35:21 GMT
numbuh113: Cool. What did you think? Sept 19, 2020 3:04:54 GMT
numbuh113: Also, thanks for cleaning up that mess from the other day. We really appreciate all you mods do to keep the forum family friendly! Sept 19, 2020 3:07:00 GMT
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