Father's Dragon Transformation

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Numbuh 777: I get it, it’s hard to stay in shape. Glad to see you’re doing good though! Aug 13, 2019 15:16:50 GMT
Marty522: And same to you! I always love hearing from people from the KND community. I still like to think I'll write my series one day... Aug 13, 2019 23:09:29 GMT
Marty522: Especially when I occasionally get a review on a story. How in the world are people finding any of my stuff at this point?! Aug 13, 2019 23:10:50 GMT
Numbuh 777: If you write your series let me know! I know that I will read it and review it for you. Aug 14, 2019 19:22:31 GMT
Numbuh 777: I feel the same way, I don't get many reviews on my older stuff but to see that they still get views (despite my terrible, terrible grammar) surprise me to this day. Aug 14, 2019 19:23:26 GMT
Marty522: 7 years later, I still feel bad I never finish my Christmas fic... Sept 1, 2019 20:20:56 GMT
Numbuh 777: ^ it’s never too late, there’s stories I started and considered finishing. I’ll read your Christmas story. Sept 1, 2019 20:38:08 GMT
Marty522: Well, I got it like halfway done, and most (but not all) of those are on FF.net, if you wanna check it out. Definitely don't have to, but if you're curious. Sept 2, 2019 5:02:35 GMT
Numbuh 777: ^ I've read it (and most of your other stories too)! I look forward to what you have to write. Sept 3, 2019 23:17:04 GMT
Marty522: Oh cool! Now I feel super awkward for not finishing it. lol Need to go over my notes, get back in the mindset for it. Sept 4, 2019 1:05:24 GMT
Numbuh 777: It's okay, I even had you on my favorite writers list (at least I'm sure, if not I'll add it). It's a good story, do you still beta KND fics by any chance? Sept 4, 2019 2:51:10 GMT
Marty522: Aww, thanks! And I haven't in a while, but I'd be happy to! Sept 4, 2019 2:53:34 GMT
Numbuh 777: Well, I added your name to my list (I was so sure it was on there too). I'd just like a second pair of eyes to read over what I have. Sept 4, 2019 3:21:07 GMT
Numbuh 777: How would you like me to send it. Sept 4, 2019 4:14:42 GMT
Marty522: However you want. Email, through FF.net, Google Docs. Sept 4, 2019 16:33:01 GMT
Numbuh 777: Well I sent a message here with the link and sent you my email and ff.net account name, and you can decide. Sept 4, 2019 19:57:36 GMT
Marty522: Weird, I don't see your message. Sept 4, 2019 21:55:36 GMT
Numbuh 777: Odd I'll try resending it. Sept 5, 2019 0:06:20 GMT
Marty522: Got it! Sept 5, 2019 0:09:41 GMT
Numbuh 777: Okay thanks! Sept 5, 2019 1:04:35 GMT
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